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how to use Flour, choose your favourite way!

Time:2021.07.19 Reading volume:323

Common flours include high-gluten flour, medium-gluten flour and low-gluten flour, which are mainly classified according to the gluten content in the flour, and their uses are also quite different. In addition, there are whole wheat flour, bread flour, cake flour and other categories. Many people cannot make the desired food because the flour they buy is not suitable. Here, the second brother, an expert in shopping and consumption guidance, shares his experience and helps everyone know at a glance which flour they need.

High-gluten flour is a flour with a relatively high gluten, which is most suitable for the processing of bread, pastries, puff pastry and other delicacies. It is also used in hollow cream puffs. Does that mean that bread flour is high-gluten flour, in fact, the two are not the same. Bread flour is a special flour that adds malt, vitamins, and gluten to flour to make bread easier. There is also a type of flour called whole-wheat flour, which can also be used to make whole-wheat bread.

Generally, the ordinary flour we say (without special instructions) is all-purpose flour. It is often used to make Chinese noodles such as steamed buns, dumplings and noodles. The flour marked with rich and strong powder is basically these uses. The fortified rich and strong powder is to increase nutrition, and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are added to the ordinary rich and strong powder.

Low-gluten flour has low protein content and low gluten, and is more suitable for making cakes, biscuits and other western-style pastries. Low-gluten flour is not the same as cake flour, cake flour is processed low-gluten flour, which is more suitable for making cakes.

Therefore, when making western-style pastries such as bread and cakes, you can choose specific flours that are suitable for this type. The gluten degree of flour is generally marked on the product packaging. We can also hold a handful of flour with our hands and knead it into a ball to loosen it. The flour that is easy to spread is high-gluten flour, and the one that is not easy to spread is low-gluten flour. Choose the most suitable flour to cook the most desired food. Hope the above sharing can help you.