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What's the difference between cornstarch and starch?

Time:2021.07.19 Reading volume:239

Both cornstarch and starch are necessary ingredients in the kitchen. They are used in cooking a variety of dishes. They are both white powdery substances, but there are many differences between cornstarch and starch. For specific understanding, you can refer to the specific introduction to them below, and at the same time let everyone know the benefits of cornstarch.

The difference between cornstarch and starch 

1. Different raw materials

Although both cornstarch and starch are white powders, the raw materials of the two ingredients are not the same, because cornstarch is also called bean flour. He mostly eats broad beans or water chestnuts, while starch is mostly made from sweet potatoes or potatoes and corn. White powder made for the main raw material, which is the most important difference between the two.

2. How to eat

Raw flour and starch are also very different in eating methods. Raw flour can be used as a seasoning for cooking, can also be used to make jelly, and can also be used to spread pancakes. When processing some meat ingredients, raw flour is a must. An indispensable existence, and starch is mostly used to add ginger or thicken to ingredients in daily life.

The difference between cornstarch and starch Benefits of eating cornstarch

1. Strong bones

Strong bones are an important benefit for people to eat raw meal, because raw meal not only contains trace element calcium, but also contains some polysaccharides and a variety of active ingredients, which can promote the development of human bones and improve bone toughness and density. Osteoporosis and bone and joint diseases have a particularly good preventive effect.

2. Antioxidant

Usually people eat some cornstarch in moderation, which can also improve the body's antioxidant capacity, because cornstarch is rich in chlorine, hydrochloric acid can remove free radicals in the body, and can enhance the body's own antioxidant capacity, which can slow down The aging speed of the human body, in addition, regular consumption of raw powder can also improve the digestive function of the human body, and can accelerate the discharge of harmful substances in the body, which can play an important role in clearing the intestines and detoxification.